October 31, 2009

Old Hanoi Cooking Class

I was lucky enough to be able to take part in a short cooking course not too far from the Old Quarter in Hanoi, where Anh, Head Chef Old Hanoi restaurant, took three salivating tourists on a tour of the market, before teaching us a thing or two in the outdoor kitchen.

It was a great experience, and Anh was very friendly and spoke good English, and it was easy to ask her questions about the food and the process of each of the four recipes we learnt. The
class cost $30 (around £18); while I know there are classes available for a few dollars cheaper, I would definitely recommend Old Hanoi.

You can choose from a
daily cooking class, or a customised cooking class. I took part in the first one, and was able to choose from a selection of two menu options, consisting of one starter, two main courses and a dessert. For those who are already competent in working with Asian food (Chinese/Vietnamese/Thai cooks for example), Anh said they were happy to work with customers to create more complex menus.

These four recipes are all great dishes, and my favourites were the Fresh Spring Rolls and Chicken with Lemon Leaf Skewers. Find them all here:

Fresh Spring Rolls
Chicken with Lemon Leaf Skewers
Steamed Catfish in Lotus Leaf with Tamarind Sauce (other fish options available)
Sweet Potato with Ginger Soup (dessert)

Old Hanoi restaurant can be found at:

#4 Ton That Thiep, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi
T: +84 (04) 3 747 8337
info@oldhanoi.com, booking@oldhanoi.com

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  1. Sounds absolutely amazing Nibbling Toad. Am intrigued by the dessert! Missing you, Hungry London Rat