October 31, 2009

Fresh Spring Rolls / Summer Rolls

The best thing about spring rolls is that you can pretty much add whatever you like to the roll. Fresh spring rolls are very light and healthy, and are great as an appetiser or snack. There are two differences to take into account between deep-fried spring rolls and fresh spring rolls when cooking.

Fresh spring rolls (also known as Summer Rolls): Use square rice paper

All ingredients must be cooked prior to wrapping as necessary (for example pork).

Fried spring rolls: Use round rice paper

Ingredients do not have to be cooked prior to frying.

During the class I took, we used lettuce, pork and prawns to fill our rolls. This is a great, light dish where you can utilise any leftover cooked meat you may have (for example Sunday roast pork/chicken). Just make sure that the meat is sliced small and thin prior to wrapping.

While you could use sweet chilli sauce or soy for dipping, I recommend the ‘Spring Roll Sauce’ which you can find below. It is very quick and easy to prepare, and ingredients readily available.

NB Don't be put off by the 'plasticky' texture of the rice paper, it's very edible!

Serves 4

Square rice paper (at least 12 sheets)
Prawns; tails removed, cooked, sliced in half
Pork; cooked, sliced into very thin 1 inch strips
Round lettuce; chopped fine and long

To serve:

Spring roll sauce (see below)

Spring roll sauce:

2 tbsp Rice Vinegar
tbsp Fish Sauce
tbsp chopped peanuts
tbsp mixed chopped red chilli and garlic – diced very small
2 level
tbsp palm sugar
tbsp water
tbsp lime juice

Add all ingredients except the peanuts into a small bowl and stir for around 30 seconds. Add chopped peanuts (without stirring).

Take a piece of rice paper, and at the bottom end, add a good amount of lettuce across the width of the paper. Top with a sprinkling of pork, and roll up to the halfway point.

Add two halves of prawn laying side-by-side, and continue to wrap.

Holding the paper together with your fingers, dip into the spring roll sauce to taste.

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  1. I hope you're going to make me some tofu fresh rolls when you get back! Mmmm my fave xxx