October 22, 2009

Forget Sainsbury's

What I love about going to food markets is the array of fresh food on offer, as well as all the smells, variety of colours - and of course any free tasters! The other added bonus is that it's nearly always cheaper than any supermarkets.

Asia is also great for it's variety of food, and food markets here are definitely an exciting place to visit - albeit 'slightly' different from the UK. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

They eat all parts of the chicken here, including the head and feet. Perhaps not to everyone's tastes...

Take your pick...

This lady was particularly handy with a meat cleaver! A slightly different filleting experience.

Amazing array of vegetables - couldn't get them all in. You'll find the classic British potatoes, tomatoes, onions etc along with plenty of great produce specific to Vietnam.

Meat is certainly treated differently in Vietnam; as you can see here it's laid out in the open air along with all the fruit and veg.

So there are definitely some noticeable differences to food markets you'd find back in the UK - notably the meat being left out. We also saw this happen in the supermarkets - meat is rarely packaged and although kept in refridgeration cabinets, the doors were left open. Although to us this would seem unacceptable (I can just picture 'Kitchen Nightmare's' fallout!), it just seems to be the norm, and something you just have to accept as standard. It most definitely should not put you off trying the food, as it is an experience not to be missed.

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