December 30, 2009

Thai BBQ V: Some Added Extras (and a lot of garlic!)

There are of course many different foods which are great for barbecuing, and these are just a few more that we decided to add. When in Rome and all that!

Beef Fillet Steak

Garlic Pepper

Olive Oil
Beef Stock (OXO cube or similar)
Crushed garlic

Cut the beef into wide chunks, about one inch think. Next, crush the garlic using a pestle and mortar, add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, one cube of beef stock and a couple of pinches of salt and pepper. Mix the ingredients well, and rub into the beef (if the beef is cold from the fridge, allow it to come to room temperature before marinading).

Once the BBQ is ready, place the strips evenly over the flames, turning every minute or two. Beef is really a personal taste, and some may prefer it well done, others on the rarer side, so it's really up to you how long you cook them for.

King Prawns

Lemon Juice

Mmmm! I love these! And over here they are just so big!

A really simply idea for uncooked prawns is to chop up some garlic and mix with some melted butter and a couple of squirts of lemon juice (fresh is best). Drizzle over the prawns and then simply stick them on the barbie, turning occasionally. You can tell when they are cooked as they will turn from grey to pink (this only takes a very short time).


Last but definitely not least - for those who like to venture away from meat and garlic bread, BBQ'd veggies can be really delicious - I particularly love roasted peppers and jacket potatoes. I won't go so far as to tell you how or what to cook, as veg is so easy to do, and you can really use whatever you want. This is what we got up to:


Aubergines and peppers

A variety of mushrooms

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